Hawgs Racing
May, 2011
1st round UEM in Kunamadaras, Hungary
Sunday, May 22, 2011 - 10:53 AM
The last weekend in april the european top dragbike riders/teams traveled the long road to Hungary for the 1st round in the UEM championship.

Hawgs Racing entered 5 drivers, 4 in SuperTwin TopFuel and 1 in ProStockBike.

In SuperTwin last years rookie Jan Sturla Hegre went all the way through to the finals, as did clubmate Hans Olav Olstad.  This was the first (but not the last !) all-out Hawgs Racing final in the UEM, ever.
23 year old Jan Sturla Hegre showed his (and his teams) strength and
1 records total        

Hawgs Racing
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