Hawgs Racing
Sunoco Drag Challenge
Thursday, August 06, 2009 - 2:16 PM
This event hosted then Nordic Series in Super Twin Top Fuel, NM in ET Street bike and ET Pro bike, and Super Gas and Top Eliminator bike in the TSDS-series.

There was a lot of waiting this weekend due to rain on thursday and friday, the track was still suffering from water in the ground also on saturday.  But finaly the track was ready for action - and what action!
The track-crew had done a fantastic job, and the track and the conditons where at its best this afternoon.

You can read reviews on www.ndrg.no and www.eurodragster.com, but the historic highlight where Peter Svensson making the first 5-sec run on a top-fuel bike outside the USA !! 5.938s.
Rickar Gustavsson made a very good 6.556s.

In Super Twin they where batling for round-victory in the Nordic Series, and the best run this weekend was from Svein Olav Rolfstad, running 6.69s, which is a new personal best on the new blower bike.
Vidar Ravnsborg also set a new personal best with his first 6 ! 6.995s
Trond Høiberget made a good run in the qualifications and made 7,144s

The finals was set to be a club-fight between Hans Olav Olstad and Vidar Ravnsborg, which ended with a victory to Hans Olav. Congratulations !!

Kenneth Vik participated in Top Eliminator with his ProStock bike, and also set a new personal best with a nice 7.34 s

Well done everybody, and gratulation to all !! 
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